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Let me be clear: Unarmed college hopefuls don’t deserve to be shot. Unarmed kids heading to work or trade school don’t deserve to be shot. Unarmed kids floundering aimlessly through life don’t deserve to be shot. Unarmed kids who have been in trouble—even those who have been nothing but trouble—don’t deserve to be shot.

The act of pinning the tragedy of a dead black teen to his potential future success, to his respectability, to his “good”-ness, is done with all the best intentions. But if you read between the lines, aren’t we really saying that had he not been on his way to college, there’d be less to mourn?

That’s dead wrong.

Black Kids Don’t Have to Be College-Bound for Their Deaths to Be Tragic by Jasmine Banks (via gwest650)

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A universe where officer lunchbox has a daughter (they can still have their son, sure), Gail rambles, AND chinese takeout boxes are lunchboxes (according to Gail).

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[Artist’s Note: HOLY SHIT I’M SORRY FOR THE LONG POST. WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN. AND SORRY FOR MY WRITING?? SHIT CAN YOU READ THAT?? Anyway, just testing out a new way to show the family moments. In a completely new drawing style too. So forgive the rough inconsistent look (like them characters, totally consistent, totally.) BUT SERIOUSLY HAVE SOME FLUFF GUYS. it’s my funky way of contributing fanfic in this fandom. wink.
BTW I dedicate this to all the fanfics that had Gail bringing Holly lunch. Annd to Rookie Blue for making Holly grab ‘n kiss Gail, ‘cause bro we think alike.  

SOO, daughter yes or no?
Comic, yes or no?]

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this whole post is a messs coz im a mess, rb is a messs.. im drunk apparently


and here we thought the sophie-adoption was our problem coz its gonna freak holly out. and then….

{im sorry but i remember i had this pic lying around, and had to f*cking use it}


at least till 2015, where holly will go arizona on gail’s ass and show up on her door step, difference is gail is not pregnant and already have sophie so they dont have shit-angst anymore and live happily ever after coz they’re endgame, bitches! DONT LOSE HOPE!

Still its not gonna stop me from my feels

drink up!

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Anonymous asked: Dead. I am dead. My heart is dead and gone. Gail and holly kiss each other hello, gail excitedly and nervously tells Holly about Sophie and making it very obvious she's still in it with Holly too and then Holly tells her she also had news she wanted to tell Gail, that she got a job in Sam Fransisco and was going to ask gail to come with her and the look of utter heart break crosses their face and then that god damn song comes on. THE FUCKING END


I’m just sharing this for people who are interested in what happened with Officer Lunchbox.

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Rookie Blue writers totally pulled us in and shit. Like “Here, have some Holly and Gail promo pics, get your hopes up, come fall in love, oh thanks for giving us your heart. No, it’ll be okay, Wait here while I go put it in the blender”. Those clever bastards…

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reblog if you’re emotionally unstable and wondering how you’re going to survive adult life when you can’t even order pizza without crying